Welcoming a New Era of Leadership in the Department of Statistical Sciences

May 31, 2024 by Kal Romain

Among academics, our department is renowned for its excellence in research and teaching, and I am dedicated to amplifying its recognition more broadly...

– Prof. Sebastian Jaimungal.


The Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto is thrilled to share the news of Professor Sebastian Jaimungal’s upcoming tenure as Department Chair, starting July 2024. An esteemed figure in statistical sciences, particularly mathematical finance, Prof. Jaimungal is set to enhance the department's distinguished global reputation.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Professor Radu Craiu, the departing Chair, whose visionary leadership and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in our department's success. His dedication and foresight have greatly benefited us all. Looking ahead, we are eager to see the innovative strides and elevated recognition of our pioneering research, teaching, and academic excellence that Professor Jaimungal’s leadership promises.

Professor Jaimungal’s extensive experience in mathematical finance, including his past leadership of the SIAM Activity Group on Financial Mathematics and Engineering and his editorial roles at SIAM Journal of Financial Mathematics and Quantitative Finance, will be invaluable. His academic accolades include a fellowship at the Fields Institute for Mathematical Sciences and membership at the Oxford-Man Institute at the University of Oxford.

Professor Jaimungal is dedicated to elevating the department’s cutting-edge research and teaching to new heights. He aims to strengthen our ties with world-class institutions and enhance the department’s allure to prospective students and faculty by highlighting our scholarly dynamism, innovative research, and state-of-the-art pedagogical practices.

He is committed to enriching the department’s graduate programs, ensuring they continue to lead in both academic and professional realms. This will involve strategic improvements to keep pace with industry trends and global challenges.

As we transition to this new leadership, we invite the university community, our alumni, and our partners to extend their support to Professor Jaimungal in his new role. Jaimungal Together, we look forward to a future filled with accomplishments and breakthroughs in the dynamic field of statistical sciences.