Program Fees

Program Fees

Tuition and ancillary fees for the following academic year are available for students from mid-July via Acorn Billing & Student Information. Fees are set by the UofT Provost’s Office and are subject to change each year.


Tuition Fees (based on 2023 – 2024)

For students beginning in September 2023 please refer below for a list of fees:

  • $57,370 CDN for international students.
  • $26,780 CDN for domestic students (Canadian citizens & permanent residents).

There are additional incidental and ancillary fees as follows:

  • $1,946 CDN incidental + system access fee ($58.00).
  • $1,730 CDN student placement fee.
  • $756 CDN international students ONLY also have an additional mandatory fee for the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP).


Total Fees

  • Domestic Students Total Fees (2023-2024) – $30,456 CDN.
  • International Students Total Fees (2023-2024) – $61,860 CDN.


Payment Schedule

August: 1st semester tuition + 1st semester incidental fee + UHIP (international students only).
December: 2nd semester tuition + 2nd semester incidental fee + student placement fee.