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The Master of Financial Insurance (MFI) is a unique 12-month professional master’s degree program (not a thesis-based masters' degree) designed to produce students ready for employment and future global leaders in the financial insurance industry.

“Finsurance” is a burgeoning field in which sophisticated finance-insurance hybrid products are being developed to meet the needs of an aging global population. Students will acquire expertise in valuing, hedging, and managing the combined financial and insurance risks embedded in such complex products.

The MFI, offered on a full-time basis only, has been developed in response to demand from prospective students and industry members and will fill an important gap in academic training, providing students with the opportunity to bridge their traditional disciplinary backgrounds and develop the connections between these areas.

The program consists of a series of highly cross-disciplinary courses focused on real-world problems, drawing on insurance, finance, statistical and mathematical tools, and methods, and delivered in many instances by experienced industry professionals The MFI program also provides a 16-week industry internship to apply theoretical knowledge to the real-world environment.

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The Master of Financial Insurance (MFI) program is designed as a 12-month (3 term) program comprised of 9 required core courses, 1 elective course, and a 16-week summer internship placement.

Students proceed through the program as a single cohort, following a common course of study which is fully integrated and computer-laboratory intensive. Course projects and assignments are designed to integrate the material from multiple courses and their application in a real-world practical context. Excellence in communication and presentation skills is emphasized in both the oral and written components of the projects.

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Careers and Professional Development

There are many challenging and interesting careers at the interface of finance and insurance. Some roles will be tilted towards finance or insurance, however, what distinguishes graduates of the MFI program from others is their training in both fields and their interactions. Graduates of the MFI program can be expected to work for insurance companies, pension plans, consulting companies, fintech, and banks, amongst others.

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