Student Organizations

Joining a statistics, data science or actuarial science student organization is a great first step to start building your community and collaborate with your peers. 

The Statistical Sciences Union is a club for undergraduate statistics students at the University of Toronto. It aims to broaden students’ understanding and emphasize the importance of statistics in our everyday lives while helping statistics to grow in popularity. We strive to build and maintain a professional relationship with departments both inside and outside of the University. 

We provide students with opportunities to:  

  • Meet with fellow colleagues who share common interests 
  • Learn from each other in an inclusive environment
  • Broaden their horizon. PhD students, professors and career specialists will hold discussions and offer interactive seminars on different topics.

To learn more, email us.

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The Actuarial Science Club is the official representative of the Actuarial Science student body at the University of Toronto. We organize many student-oriented activities throughout the year and invite all actuarial students to participate.  

Our main priority is to assist our students in gaining work experience in the actuarial industry. We strive to bridge the gap between academic study and the professional practice of an actuary. In the past, we have successfully hosted a series of career seminars with a diverse range of topics related to the actuarial profession. 

The club consistently strives to maintain a vibrant student community.  We’d like to create an enjoyable university experience that complements our rigorous curriculum. Above all, we prepare our students for the challenges that await them on the road to becoming a fully-fledged actuary. 



To join our club e-mail list, send a blank email to You can also e-mail us


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Students in Data Science and Statistics (SDSS) is a club dedicated to bringing academic support, professional development, and community to the students at UofT. Through opportunities such as workshops, discussions, networking events, social events, panels, datathons, and more concerning all different sectors of Data Science and Statistics, we hope to help students explore the field, gain new skills, build on existing ones, and inch closer to their goals.



Visit the SSDS website for more.

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