How to Apply

Before You Apply To One Of Our Programs

Undergraduate students applying to the Faculty of Arts & Science must choose one of six admission categories (also known as "streams") based on their intended program of study. 

In your first year of study, you will take courses that are required for the program(s) you want to study in your second year, which means you will enrol in a program of study at the end of your first year. Programs at the Department of Statistical Sciences are accessible for the first time once a student has earned (or is currently completing) 4.0 credits. 

Learn more about enrolment requirements for our programs   


How to Apply to Our Undergrad Programs 

If you are a Faculty of Arts & Science student and meet enrolment requirements, please log in to ACORN

Step 1 | Select Enroll & Manage from under Academics on the menu at the left-hand side of the page. 

Step 2 | Click on Programs.  

Step 3 | In the "Add a Program"-box, enter the code of the statistical sciences or actuarial science program listed below: 

  • ASSPE0608 – Actuarial Science Specialist 
  • ASMAJ0608 – Actuarial Science Major   
  • ASSPE1687 – Data Science Specialist  
  • ASSPE2270– Specialist in Statistical Science: Methods and Practice 
  • ASSPE2290– Specialist in Statistical Science: Theory and Methods 
  • ASMAJ2289 – Statistics Major  
  • ASMIN2289 – Statistics Minor 

Program application dates, stages and steps can be found on the Arts & Science Program Toolkit website.