MSc Program Requirements

Students in the MSc program can conduct research in the fields of 1) Statistical Theory and Applications or 2) Probability. The program offers numerous courses in theoretical and applied aspects of Statistical Sciences, which prepare students for pursuing a PhD program or directly entering the data science workforce.

Both the Statistical Theory and Applications field and the Probability field have the same program requirements.

Full-time Program 

The full-time program consists of three academic sessions (Fall/Winter/Summer). Students typically complete requirements within two academic sessions (Fall and Winter), totaling eight months from September to April. 

Part-time Program 

The part-time program typically takes six academic sessions, totaling 20 months from September to April over the course of two years. 

Part-time students are limited to taking 1.0 full-course equivalent (FCE) during each session. In exceptional cases, the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies may approve 1.5 FCEs in a given session.

All MSc students must complete 4.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs).

Courses can be taken in 0.25, 0.5, and 1.0 FCE formats. A typical course load for the program is eight 0.5 FCE, single-session courses.

A note on maximum course load: a course load above 2.0 FCEs for full-time and 1.0 FCE for part-time in any given session must have approval from the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies. Please contact our graduate team at

As part of the MSc program, all students are required to take at least 2.0 FCEs (Four 0.5 FCE courses) from the courses listed below: 

Course Code 

Course Description 


STA 2101H  Methods of Applied Statistics I 0.5
STA 2201H  Methods of Applied Statistics II  0.5
STA 2111H  Graduate Probability I  0.5
STA 2211H  Graduate Probability II  0.5
STA 2112H  Mathematical Statistics I  0.5
STA 2212H  Mathematical Statistics II  0.5


Additional Information

  • If you are considering a PhD, Probability I & II and Math Stats I & II are recommended.
  • You should not take courses that closely duplicate material from a previous degree. It is, however, entirely appropriate to take courses that cover similar material at a substantially higher level.

A remaining 2.0 FCEs may be selected from: 

  • Any course of 2000 level or higher in the Department of Statistics.
  • Any course of 1000 level or higher in another graduate unit at the University with enough statistical, computational, probabilistic, or mathematical content. Requires approval by the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies.
  • One 0.5 FCE as a reading course under the course code STA 4000HF/4000HY or STA 4001HS/STA4002HS. Requires approval by the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies.
  • One 0.5 FCE as a research project under the course code STA 4000HF/4000HY or STA 4001HS/STA4002HS. Requires approval by the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies.
  • At most 1.0 FCE (a maximum of four) from the collection of six-week courses STA 45XXH, which are 0.25 FCE each.

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Our Courses 

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Course Planning 

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