Statistics Aid Centres

Need extra help with your statistics or actuarial science coursework? Visit a statistics aid centre for additional support. 

Health Sciences Aid Centre 

Location: Health Sciences (HS) Building, 381(open area) 

The Smith Hall Aid Centre provides students with help specific to statistics and actuarial science courses. Tutorials start on the second week of classes. Schedules will be posted on Quercus.  

New College Statistics Aid Centre  

Location: Wetmore Hall, New College, Room WE 68A  

The New College Statistics Aid Centre provides general help with statistics and actuarial science (not linked to courses). If you are looking for more help, in addition to the Smith Hall Aid Centre, or one of your courses does not provide a teaching assistant, this is the place to go.  

Check out session hoursNote: New College does not have summer hours. 


If you have any additional questions about the Statistics Aid Centres, please get in touch with one of your statistics or actuarial science course instructors or the teaching assistant assigned to the course you need help with.