Notable Students & Alumni

Our alumni have gone on to rewarding careers in Canada, the U.S. and around the world. They work as data scientists, professors, financial analysts, medical researchers and research directors for prestigious organizations like the University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, Columbia University, the Bosch Centre for AI, the Alan Turing Institute or Morgan Stanley. Meet some of our students and alumni and learn more about the Department of Statistical Sciences, student life and opportunities, and careers in statistics. 

Profile photo of MScAC alumni Lebo Radebe

Q & A with Lebo Radebe

MScAC Data Science Concentration

Data Scientist at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)

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Profile photo of MScAC alumni Mathieu Ravaut

Q & A with Mathieu Ravaut

MScAC Data Science Concentration

Machine Learning Research Schientist at Layer 6


Profile photo of stats alumna Sheeza Khan

Q & A with Sheeza Khan

Statistical Sciences (Major)

Risk Analyst at Scotiabank

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Profile photo of actuarial science alumni Victor Wang

Q & A with Victor Wang

Actuarial Science (Major)

Actuarial & Analytics Lead at PULA Advisors

Profile photo of PhD alumna Reihaneh Entezari

Q & A with Reihaneh Entezari

Statistical Sciences (PhD)

Data Scientist at the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI)

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Q & A with Eric Cai

Statistical Sciences (Master)

Senior Analyst, Advanced Analytics at Acosta

Profile photo of statistics alumna Janice Tang

Q & A with Janice Tang

Statistical Sciences (Major)

Data Strategist at Scotiabank Digital Factory


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Blair Bilodeau.

Q & A with Blair Bilodeau

PhD Candidate

Graduate Researcher at the Vector Institute


Victor Veitch.

Q & A with Victor Veitch

PhD Graduate, 2017 

Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago


Photo of student Caroline Wallace

Q & A with Caroline Wallace

Major/Specialization: Statistics and Actuarial Science

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Q & A with Gloria Hou

MMA Master of Management Analytics

Incoming Data Science Associate at TD


Q & A with Anees Shaikh

Statistics (Major) & Mathematics and HPS (Minor)

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Photo of student Sara Golestaneh

Q & A with Sara Golestaneh

Applied Computing, Data Science Concentration (MScAC)

Data Scientist at SOTI

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Photo o student Harsh Rughani

Q & A with Harsh Rughani

Actuarial Science & Economics (Major) & French (Minor)

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Photo of student Harriet Ware

Q & A with Harriet Ware

MSc Graduate, 2021

Data Scientist at Sero Tracker

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Profile photo of student Jinda Huang

Q & A with Jinda Huang

Data Science (Specialization) & Computer Science (Major)

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Photo of student Di Mu

Q & A with Di Mu

Statistics, Methods & Practice (Specialization)

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Photo of PhD graduate Cédric Beaulac

Q & A with Cédric Beaulac

PhD Graduate, 2021

Postdoctoral Fellow, Simon Fraser University & University of Victoria


Photo of MFI student Kevin Wang

Q & A with Kevin Wang

MFI graduate, 2021

Fund Accountant at CIBC Mellon


Photo of PhD graduate Arvind Shrivats

Q & A with Arvind Shrivats

PhD graduate, 2021

Postdoctoral Scholar, Princeton University


Picture of Alex Stringer

Q & A With Alex Stringer

PhD graduate, 2021

Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo


Picture of Yanbo Tang

Q & A With Yanbo Tang

PhD graduate, 2021

Chapman Fellow, Imperial College London


Picture of Kevin Haosui

Q & A With Kevin Haosui

Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology