Current Courses

For a listing of current undergraduate courses and course registration instructions, please use the Faculty of Arts & Science timetable. Use the timetable to put together your weekly course schedule. 

How to enrol in courses?

Enrol in courses using ACORN.

Resources to help you navigate the Faculty of Arts & Science timetable: 


Need Help with Your Course Selection? 

Use Degree Explorer to determine which courses you need to take to fulfill program and degree requirements. The most up-to-date course descriptions (including course prerequisites and co-requisites) are available on the Faculty of Arts & Science Academic Calendar.

Note: While program requirements in academic calendars will be updated from year-to-year, your program requirements will always stay the same. The best way to stay on track is to use Degree Explorer, which will continue to show the program requirements that apply to you and update with information from your academic history.

Our resources to help you select your courses:

General resources to help you select your courses:  


Course Outlines for Previously Offered Courses

View and download syllabi for previously offered courses.



If you need one-on-one help with your course selection, please contact your college registrar's office.