Professors Elena and Jun Young Secure $75K McLaughlin Centre Accelerator Grants in Genomic Medicine

July 19, 2023 by Kal Romain

We’re proud to announce that Professors Elena Tuzhilina and Jun Young have each secured a $75k McLaughlin Centre Accelerator Grant in Genomic Medicine 2023, themed “Genome Networks and Data Science in Health and Disease”.

The McLaughlin Centre's financial support is instrumental in developing innovative statistical methodologies and promoting groundbreaking research in genomic medicine.

Professor Elena Tuzhilina's team is making significant strides towards the future of genomic medicine. She states, "Our team aims to advance statistical methodology for linear models with pairwise regularization penalties. Specifically, our focus will be on addressing computational challenges posed by large-scale datasets. This methodology will subsequently be used to study three critical applications: (1) the investigation of the networks linked to high risks of pre-term birth during pregnancy, (2) inference of gene knockouts associated with cellular senescence, and (3) examination of genetic variants associated with various cancer types."

On the other hand, the research team led by Professor Jun Young is focusing on developing statistical and data science methodologies to understand the connections between human genetics and neuroimaging and leverage it to predict the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, which has become a central interest in public health recently.

Please join us in congratulating Professors Elena Tuzhilina and Jun Young on this remarkable accomplishment.