Departmental Computing Resources

The department computing team's services include but are not limited to the following:

General Computing:

  • Access to printer.
  • A URL associated with the department. Use cases include personal websites, course websites, and research related web apps.
  • Please contact us if you need help with accessing UTmail+, Microsoft 365, and UofT wifi.
  • You can also ask us for hardware purchasing advice.
  • Although we're not a repair shop or a replacement for vendor support, we can help you with basic troubleshooting

Research Computing:

  • Faculty, postdocs, and research students (usually doctoral) may request access to the compute server. Brief one-on-one training can be provided.
  • Research group workstation management.
  • Consultation / support for:
    • Cluster resources outside the department, including Digital Research Alliance of Canada (DRAC).
    • Research data management.
    • Software, hardware, data storage, computing workflow needs.
    • Application containerization.

Teaching Computing:

  • R Shiny app deployment through RStudio Connect.
  • Template and support for creating course websites through Github Pages.
  • Course URL in the form of https:// if using a department repo on Github, or https://
  • A/V support for OPG 9th floor classrooms and meeting rooms -- advance notice would be greatly appreciated.


For more information and to make a request, please reach out to us at