ASA DataFest 2024: An Annual Cornerstone of Student Innovation in Statistics Education

May 1, 2024 by Kal Romain

The Department of Statistical Sciences in collaboration with Rotman TD Management Data and Analytics Lab recently hosted its annual ASA DataFest, a thrilling competition where teams of talented students dive deep into data to extract meaningful insights and propose innovative solutions. This year’s competition centered around the CourseKata project, challenging participants to enhance the learning experience of statistics through interactive e-books. 


The Challenge 

Students were given the unique task of analyzing extensive data from CourseKata, which is designed to improve how students learn statistics by integrating cognitive psychology into its teaching methods. Teams explored patterns of engagement, identified stumbling blocks, and highlighted successful features within the coursework, offering suggestions to both the CourseKata developers and its users. 


The Winners Take the Stage 

 After intense deliberation, the judges announced the winners. The first place was clinched by Data Dawgs, a team comprising Khushil Nagda, Anushikha Joshi, Shivraj Sambhus, and Mudit Chandna, who impressed the crowd and judges with a unique presentation skit and comprehensive analysis.