Q&A with Ethan Wong, President of the Actuarial Science Club

September 18, 2019 by Patrick Chen

Ethan Wong is a fourth-year student at the University of Toronto in Ontario, where he is majoring in Actuarial Science. Ethan is president of the Actuarial Science Club on campus, and he interned this past summer at Manulife. We spoke with Ethan in September 2019.

Tell us one thing about you that’s not on your resume.

I’m a huge sports fanatic. I captain an intramural flag football team at the university, and I’m a huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Toronto Raptors. For me, playing sports is a great way to stay active, and it’s also a great way to meet new people.

What has your experience at the University of Toronto been like?

My experience at the University of Toronto has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve gotten to meet some really great people here. I’ve gotten to meet people from all sorts of different backgrounds who are very talented and kind to me, and they’ve really been helpful in helping me grow as a person and helping me develop as an actuary.

I think my favorite part about the program would definitely be the professors that I’ve had. The professors have been extremely supportive and crucial to my development as an actuary.

I’ve also received countless opportunities here on campus. I was living on residence for my first two years, I was a don last year, and I’ll be a don again this year. For me, being a don is one of my favorite things I do on campus, because it gives me an opportunity to help students transition into university, and help pay it forward to everybody who’s helped me become who I am today. Also, I found a Christian fellowship on campus that I like going to, and I also participate in intramural football and basketball.

What other schools were you considering, and why did you choose the University of Toronto?

I was also considering actuarial science at the University of Waterloo. I ended up choosing the University of Toronto because I’m from Markham, which is a city that’s just north of Toronto, so going to U of T meant that I could be close to home and visit my family every once in a while. It also gave me the opportunity to live in the city of Toronto. Toronto is such a vibrant city, and there’s always something going on, so for me, living in Toronto was just a great opportunity I couldn’t have turned down.

The University of Toronto also has a four-year actuarial science program, as opposed to a five-year program, so I would be able to graduate sooner. Waterloo is typically known for their co-op program, which gives students a great opportunity to get involved in the industry. But for me, I figured that I could find those opportunities myself at the University of Toronto, and I believed in my skills enough to find those internships myself.

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