Professor Radu Craiu Named a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics

April 28, 2020 by Negin Neghabat

Radu Craiu, Chair of the Department of Statistical Sciences, has been named a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS). He received the prestigious award for his fundamental contributions to the methodology and theory of Markov chain Monte Carlo, for diverse investigations into statistical uses of copulas, for significant insights into statistical genetics and false discovery rates, for editorship of several research journals, for mentorship of numerous research students, and for leadership in the unprecedented expansion of his department's research compliment.

Other significant awards he has received include a SSC-CRM award (2016) and Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute (2015).

To be named an IMS fellow is an impressive honour. Each person nominated for a fellowship is assessed by a committee of peers.

Professor Craiu would like to thank the Institute. He is delighted to receive this honour and to join the ranks of other IMS fellows.