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Statistical Sciences Second-Year Learning Community (SLC)

In collaboration with the Faculty of Arts & Science, this program offers students studying statistical sciences (major or specialist) the opportunity to further explore their field of study. Bi-weekly guided meetings will allow you to get answers to your questions about the field. Topics covered include career and job exploration, graduate school, internships, skill building and more.  


This program is for second-year students enrolled in our statistical sciences major or specialist programs who would like to learn more about the department, related courses, and skills needed to be successful in the field.  

How to participate: There is limited capacity in the program. Interested students need to apply for a spot. Please learn more and apply. The program starts in September and ends in April.


As a mentor in the program, you will work with another upper-year student to provide support, guidance and mentorship based on your own academic and professional experiences as a student. You will be given training and resources to lead discussions and plan events.  

How to participate: As a mentor, you will collaborate with another upper-year student to provide support, guidance, and knowledge about pursuing actuarial science both academically and professionally. You will be given the training and resources to lead discussions and plan events. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive Co-Curricular Record (CCR) credit.


Hiring for the program occurs in the winter/spring.  For example, hiring for the 2021-2022 session will occur in March 2021. This program lasts from September to April. Mentors complete training  

CCR Credit

CCR credit is available to mentees who attend nine or more of the 12 sessions and to mentors in the program (subject to approval).