Publications: Statistical Education



Computational Skills by Stealth in Introductory Data Science Teaching

by Wesley Burr, Fanny Chevalier, Christopher Collins, Alison L Gibbs, Raymond Ng, and Chris Wild

Teaching Statistics | 2021 (accepted) | DOI: 10.1111/test.12277

Short Summary: In 2010 the Nolan and Temple Lang-proposed “integration of computing concepts into statistics curricula at all levels.” The unprecedented growth in data and emphasis on data science has provided an impetus to finally realizing full implementations of this in new statistics and data science programs and courses. We discuss a proposal for the stealth development of computational skills in students’ exposure to introductory data science through careful, scaffolded exposure to computation and its power. Our intent is to support students, regardless of interest and self-efficacy in coding, in becoming data-driven learners, who are capable of asking complex questions about the world around them, and then answering those questions through the use of data- driven inquiry. Reference is made to the computer science and statistics consensus curriculum frameworks the International Data Science in Schools Project (IDSSP) recently published for secondary school data science or introductory tertiary programs, designed to optimize data- science accessibility.

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The Building Blocks of Statistical Education in the Data Science Ecosystem

by Alison L. Gibbs, and Nathan Taback

Harvard Data Science Review | 2021 (accepted)

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Previous Publications

Building a Foundation in Statistics in the Era of Data Science

by AL Gibbs

Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS10, July, 2018), Kyoto, Japan

Short Summary: Some thoughts on structure and emphasis of statistics programs and the first course for statistics majors.

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Promoting Modelling and Covariational Reasoning among Secondary School Students in the Context of Big Data

by E Gil and AL Gibbs

Statistics Education Research Journal | 2017 | 16(2), 163-90

Short Summary: An investigation of grade 12 students’ development of covariational reasoning during a unit designed to introduce them to concepts of Big Data.

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Students' Perceptions of the Future Relevance of Statistics after Completing an Online Introductory Statistics Course

by Emmanuel Songsore and Bethany JG White

Statistics Education Research Journal | 2018 | 17(2), 120-140

Short Summary: A qualitative investigation of student reflections on what they learned in an online introductory statistics course and its importance to their future academics, careers and everyday life.

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