Publications: Interdisciplinary Research

A generalized Levene's scale test for variance heterogeneity in the presence of sample correlation and group uncertainty

by David Soave and Lei Sun

Biometrics | 2017 | 73(3):960-971

Short Summary: Why were we interested in generalizing Levene's test? It can be used to indirectly detect Gene-Environment interactions when E is missing!

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A Mean Field Competition

by Marcel Nutz and Yuchong Zhang

Mathematics of Operations Research | 2019 (to appear)

Short Summary: Introduces a solvable Poissonian mean field game where agents are rewarded based on the ranking of their goal-reaching times, and studies the principle-agent problem of designing an optimal reward scheme.

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Increasing the Transparency of Research Papers with Explorable Multiverse Analyses

by Dragicevic P., Jansen Y., Sarma A., Kay M., and Chevalier F.

Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors (CHI '19) | 2019 (to appear)

Short Summary: Introduces explorable multiverse analysis reports, a new approach to statistical reporting where readers of research papers can explore alternative analysis options by interacting with the paper itself. This approach combines multiverse analysis, a philosophy of statistical reporting where paper authors report the outcomes of many different statistical analyses in order to show how fragile or robust their findings are; and explorable explanations, narratives that can be read as normal explanations but where the reader can also become active by dynamically changing some elements of the explanation.



Provenance Network Analytics: An approach to data analytics using data provenance

by Huynh TD, Ebden M, Fischer J, Roberts S, and Moreau L

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery | 2018 | 32(3): 708-35

Short Summary: Provenance is a description of what influenced the generation of a piece of data.

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The Multiple Forces Behind Chinese Students' Self-segregation and How We May Counter Them

by Zhang, V.

Transformative Dialogues: Teaching and Learning Journal | 2018

Short Summary: Multiple frameworks to understand the self-segregation phenomenon among Chinese international students and how we may build a more inclusive learning community

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When Finance Meets Stories

by Zhang, V.

Journal for Research and Practice in College Teaching | 2019 (to appear)

Short Summary: How narratives can be used to develop meaningful concept maps and a sense of purpose in learning for students studying finance.

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