Past CAS Case Competitions @UofT

The University of Toronto has hosted CAS Case Competitions since 2021, where students have had the chance to work with cases from Allstate, Chubb, Economical, TD Insurance, Wawanesa, and more. Explore past CAS Competition challenges to learn more about previous cases, past winners, and industry judges.

Goal: The 2021 CAS Data Visualization Competition challenged students to take on the role of team lead for Catastrophe Insurance Technology (C-IT), a consulting firm specializing in creating graphical actuarial reports. Their client was Harbor Enterprise Liability & Property (HELP), a mid-size insurance firm looking to understand their commercial property book, particularly in catastrophe-prone areas. The key task was to create insightful reports combining numerical summarization and graphical representations to aid in decision-making. The students had to consider various data aspects such as premium rates, total insured value, non-catastrophe losses, and historic hurricane data. This case study presented a unique opportunity for students to apply their actuarial skills in a realistic setting, offering insights into the complexities of property and casualty insurance in the context of natural disasters.


  •  Howard Chen
  • Prinsa Gandh
  • Rachel Fermo
  • Nicholas Teghararian
  • JiaQi Zhao


  • 1st place: Team Incognito (Danny Heng-Yi Su, Huei Yang)
  • 2nd place: Team Premium (Cyndi Choi, Sungwook Choi, Seung Wan Woo)
  • 3rd place: Team Unnamed (Natalia Smut, Sartaj Khurana)


  • Chen, Kai-Fu 

  • Choi, Yan Tung Cyndi 

  • Choi, Sung Wook (John) 

  • Dang, Minh 

  • Ding, Daisy 

  • Ferm, Rachel 

  • Fraser, Solana 

  • Gandhi, Prinsa 

  • Garand, Denis 

  • Gew, Esther 

  • He, Jerry 

  • Huang, Yi 

  • Jiang, Lai 

  • Khullar, Priyanshi 

  • Khurana, Sartaj 

  • Kim, Guemin 

  • Martyn, Sean 

  • Pong, Kai Wang 

  • Qiao, Wei 

  • Rai, Subham 

  • Rughani, Harsh 

  • Sharma, Gaurav 

  • Smut, Natalia 

  • Song, Zhuoyang (Bobby) 

  • Su, Danny 

  • Utami, Elning 

  • Wang, Kexin 

  • Woo, Seung-Wan 

  • Wong, Ethan 

  • Xu, Siliang/Sam 

  • Yang, Huei Jen 

  • Yang, Yuqiu 

  • Zhao, James 

  • Zhao, JiaQi 


Goal: The 2023 Workers Compensation Reserving case competition challenged students to apply innovative quantitative analysis to real-world insurance scenarios. Contestants delved into concepts such as incurred and paid losses, and the intricacies of loss development triangles. They showcased their analytical prowess in handling both short-and long-tailed losses, as well as distinguishing between indemnity and medical payments, while also honing their research and presentation skills.


  • N/A


  • 1st place: Team Citizens of Rivia (Jordan Milando, Zuva Gwata, Fergie Galeromeloe, Avalo Gu)
  • 2nd place: Team PSSJ (Shivanga de Silva, Pascal Lee Slew, Sun Tianqi, Joshua Albin-Smith)
  • 3rd place: Team Women of Wisdom (WOW) (Huyi Xiong, Jingwen Zhang, Sifei Li, Christine Yun)


  • Minh Thi Nhat Dang
  • Shivanga de Silva
  • Fergie Galeromeloe
  • Rongguan Gu
  • Zuva Gwata
  • Guemin Kim
  • Chloe Chi-wing Lai
  • Sifei Li
  • Jordan Milando
  • Kai Wang Pong
  • Tianqi Sun
  • Huyi Xiong
  • Chenyu Zhang
  • Zhendong Zhang
  • Jingwen Zhang
  • Minh Khoi Le
  • Christine Yun Yun
  • Siliang (Sam) Xu


Goal: The 2023 Product Development Case Competition challenged teams to design a cell phone warranty product for D-Mobile. Participants, drawing from multiple disciplines including risk management and data analytics, were tasked to develop a proposal that considers customer value and corporate benefit. Data analysis, creative pricing structures, and marketing strategies were key in crafting solutions to present to the company executives. This hands-on competition offered a unique platform for actuarial science students to apply their skills in a practical setting, simulating real-world business challenges.


  • N/A


  • 1st place: Team Fireworks (Hewei Ding, Wenyu Qiu, Jiang Kunying, Xingyu Ni)
  • 2nd place: Team KAGE (Alexia Xu)
  • 3rd place: Team Citizens of Cintra (Zuva Gwata, Shaunee Callender, Fergie Galeromeloe)


  • Fergie Galeromeloe
  • Hewei Ding
  • Kai-Fu Chen
  • Kunying Jiang
  • Lingjun Meng
  • Liu Yuqing
  • Ni Lu
  • Ruinan Chen
  • Shaunee Callender
  • Shichun Huang
  • Wenyu Qiu
  • Xinyue Xu
  • Xun Li
  • Yizhen Chen
  • Yun Chu
  • Zhao Zhao
  • Zuva Gwata

Goal: Competitors were challenged to develop a pricing structure for homeowners' insurance for Pickles Mutual Insurance Company, utilizing provided data on premiums, losses, and other factors. Teams performed an actuarial analysis, recommended a discount structure, and considered competitor information and data credibility. The goal was to propose changes that enhance the company's market competitiveness and address financial challenges, culminating in a presentation to company executives.


  • 1st place: Team Catostrophic Calculators
  • 2nd place: Team Rookies
  • 3rd place: Team Fly Like a Beagle


  • Catastrophic Calculators:

  • Albert Wang
  • Tze Sean Lee
  • Michael Harewood
  • Yeeren Chen
  • LiSkov:

  • Jingwen Zhong
  • Xiyan Chen
  • Fly Like a Beagle:

  • Yuchan Li
  • Zixuan Huang
  • Xiaowei Xu
  • Tien Han
  • Rookies:

  • Patrick Lei
  • Jiao Ni
  • Jing Xun
  • Jingxue Ma
  • Alpha Actuarial:

  • Daniel Sun
  • Valerie Kim
  • Nam Kha Le
  • Haoyu Chen