Summer 2023 Undergraduate Research Presentations

August 17, 2023 by Kal Romain

The Department of Statistical Sciences hosted the Summer 2023 Undergraduate Research Presentations, highlighting some impressive student-led research initiatives.


  • Bingcheng Wang, under the guidance of supervisors Joseph Williams and Fred Song, presented on an AI-powered texting platform developed for mental health resources. The focus was the University of Toronto's utilization of multi-armed bandit algorithms in the project.
  • Zuva Gwata, supervised by Vianey Leos Barajas, concentrated on Bayesian inference techniques for animal movement data, which promises to bring fresh insights into ecological studies.
  • Calvin Yee Fong, working with supervisor Xin Bing, approached the challenge of clustering through the concept of parallel rows, bringing a novel angle to a classic issue.
  • William Zhang, guided by Meredith Franklin, analyzed hydraulic fracturing, particularly its effects on various air contaminants, providing crucial insights into environmental concerns.
  • Elijah French and Teo Nocita, with Sebastian Jaimungal as their supervisor, teamed up to delve into reinforcement learning methods to optimize the process of geological carbon storage.
  • Finally, Ke Shi, under the direction of Alison Gibbs and Alan Fleck, utilized log activity data in a research project aimed at understanding student engagement patterns better.


The presentations underscored the broad applications of statistical sciences, highlighting the commendable talent within the department. Congratulations to all the participants.