David Duvenaud named CIFAR AI Chair for research benefiting society

January 25, 2021 by Department of Statistical Sciences

Congratulations to David Duvenaud, professor at the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Statistical Sciences, for being one of four U of T scientists named CIFAR AI Chair. The CIFAR AI program's main goal is to provide long-term funding for the world's leading Canadian AI researchers to support their research programs and help them train the next generation of AI leaders.

David Duvenaud is also a member of the Vector Institute. Before joining U of T, he did post-doctoral research at Harvard University and received his PhD from the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on constructing deep probabilistic models to help predict, explain and design things.

Congratulations again!

Four U of T computer science researchers named CIFAR AI Chairs

by Matt Hintsa, U of T News



Four University of Toronto computer scientists have been named CIFAR AI Chairs in recognition of their innovative artificial intelligence research in areas that benefit society.

Michael Brudno, David Duvenaud, Rahul G. Krishnan, and Richard Zemel of the department of computer science in the Faculty of Arts & Science conduct research with a wide impact, from streamlining workflows in clinical care settings to automating the design of chemicals.

Each is also a member of the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, launched in 2017 through a partnership between U of T, federal and provincial governments and industry.

CIFAR AI Chairs are provided with five years of dedicated funding to support their research. The program is a cornerstone of the CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy to recruit the world’s leading AI researchers to Canada and retain existing talent.

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