Celebrating Excellence: Professor Bethany White Awarded the Faculty of Arts and Science Outstanding Teaching Award

April 21, 2023 by Kal Romain

The Faculty of Arts and Science has awarded Professor Bethany White the prestigious Outstanding Teaching Award, recognizing her exceptional work as an educator. Professor White's teaching philosophy is rooted in a mentoring mindset, focused on empowering students and colleagues alike through growth opportunities and meta-cognitive skill development.

With a focus on mentoring and fostering growth, Professor White dedicates herself to building confidence and encouraging a growth mindset in her students, teaching assistants, and colleagues. Her active learning techniques and use of authentic data and activities in the classroom keep students engaged and inspired. By maintaining a scholarly, reflective, and student-centred approach, she applies best practices in teaching and integrates research-based recommendations to facilitate learning.

Professor White prides herself on creating a supportive learning community in her courses. She actively solicits feedback from students and offers ample support while fostering a sense of community and collaboration among students and educators. Her teaching experience directly informs her research in statistics and statistics education, and the two complement each other perfectly.

When asked for advice to share with new educators, Professor White emphasizes the importance of following one's passions, connecting with colleagues, and embracing professional development opportunities. Her goal for her students is to help them become better learners, developing intellectual humility that will serve them well in future academic and professional endeavours.

Professor White's commitment to innovative teaching methods, inclusive learning environments, and ongoing professional growth has made her a standout educator. Her dedication to the success of her students is evident in their transformative learning experiences, and she continues to contribute to the broader field of statistics education through her scholarship of teaching and learning.