Battle of Actuaries: The 2024 CAS & U of T Case Competition

March 4, 2024 by Kal Romain

We kicked off the month of March with a good old-fashioned case competition! – we love a good case competition. On Friday, we concluded this year’s much-anticipated CAS & U of T Case Competition.

In case you’re just getting up to speed, the CAS & U of T Actuarial Case Competitions, including the CAS Case Competition, are pivotal in honing and displaying our students' analytical skills in Actuarial Science. These competitions engage students with challenging case studies on current trends in property and casualty insurance, offering them a platform to present solutions to industry experts. Participants collaborate in teams to devise strategies, competing for recognition and prizes while gaining invaluable experience in real-world problem-solving.


Five teams had the chance to shine in front of a panel of esteemed industry judges, but only three got to leave their mark on the podium:


Team Catastrophic Calculators

1st Place: The Catastrophic Calculators, a cohesive team of second-year specialists and majors in Statistical Science and Actuarial Science, with members Albert Wang, Tze Sean Lee, Michael Harewood, and Yeeren Chen.


2nd Place: The Rookies, third-year Actuarial Science enthusiasts Patrick Lei, Jiao 'Brianna' Ni, Jing Xun, and Jingxue 'May' Ma.


3rd Place: Fly Like a Beagle, a dynamic group, including Yuchan 'Zora' Li, Zixuan Huang, Xiaowei Xu, and Tien Han, combined their expertise from Statistical Science and Actuarial Science majors across second and third years.


The competition wasn't just about winning; it was a celebration of learning, growth, and community. It provided a unique platform for students to apply their knowledge to real-world problems, enhancing their skills and preparing them for future challenges in the actuarial profession. We're incredibly proud of all the participants for their hard work, dedication, and the high standard of research and presentation they demonstrated. Congratulations to the winning teams – your achievements are a testament to your commitment and talent.