Department of Statistical Sciences: Multi-disciplinary Doctoral Training Program

CANSSI Ontario@UofT, an Extra-Departmental Unit (EDU:C) in the Faculty of Arts and Science, is supporting a multidisciplinary doctoral (mdoc) training program in the Department of Statistical Sciences (DoSS). On the online graduate school application there is now an option for students who apply to the DoSS for doctoral studies to choose to be considered for this competitive program. Students admitted to the mdoc program can be domestic or international and will receive the same funding package as the other doctoral students entering the DoSS including Teaching Assistant (TA) assignments.

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How are CANSSI multidisciplinary doctoral students different from other doctoral students in the DoSS?

CANSSI mdocs have the PhD program requirements of their chosen DoSS field, but will have two research supervisors, one from the DoSS and a second from another academic unit. The supervisor from the second field could be appointed in another department in the Faculty of Arts and Science, in another University of Toronto Faculty, or in one of the affiliated research institutes or hospitals. The research and training of a CANSSI mdoc is expected to be multidisciplinary and data-driven, with research output that includes publication or submission to the scholarly domains of both supervisors.

What are the expectations of mdocs in the program?

The mdocs are expected to report yearly on their progress with specific reference to their multidisciplinary training and progress towards scholarly output in the respective fields. The mdocs will be expected to contribute to a CANSSI-Ontario research day. The mdocs will be invited to workshop, networking and training events. The mdocs may be called upon to serve as ambassadors for the program on occasion.

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