An AI Startup Story: Creating new Engagement Models in Pharma Marketing

When and Where

Monday, February 13, 2023 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Helen Kontozopoulos


When starting a startup, you think you know who your customers will be from day one. In Helen’s case, it was a labyrinth of finding the best market for the technology her team was developing. Learn how her team discovered and developed a startup in the pharmaceutical industry and her end goal of having a large positive impact on patient journeys.

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About Helen Kontozopoulos

Helen Kontozopoulos co-founded ODAIA in 2018, an AI-powered commercial insights SaaS platform for Pharma companies. Our mission is to reduce patients’ time to therapy by facilitating meaningful interactions with healthcare providers, through human-centric software powered by AI. As Chief Technical Evangelist, Helen brings her understanding of artificial intelligence, customer analytics and digital transformation to drive ODAIA’s thought leadership efforts, ultimately helping pharma teams adopt AI in their work and leverage data science and AI to achieve a competitive advantage.

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