Discover the dynamic realm of applied research in statistical sciences at our department, where faculty harness their extensive expertise to address real-world challenges through innovative statistical applications. Our professors, many of whom hold cross-appointments in various fields, contribute to groundbreaking research in diverse areas such as astronomy, demography, medicine, public health, environmental studies, finance, computer science, and more. By using statistical methods to analyze and interpret complex datasets, applied statistics helps to inform decision-making processes, optimize performance, and enhance understanding of diverse phenomena.


Andrei Badescu
Professor Badescu applies statistical models to solve problems in actuarial science and finance, focusing on risk modelling and the assessment of insurance products.

Chris Maddison
Assistant Professor Maddison, currently on leave, applies advanced machine learning techniques to solve practical problems in various domains, including natural language processing and game theory.

David Brenner
Associate Professor Brenner specializes in applying statistics to environmental health, focusing on how statistical analysis can inform public health decisions.

Dehan Kong
Associate Professor Kong develops statistical methods for biomedical applications, particularly genetics and personalized medicine.

Elena Tuzhilina
Assistant Professor Tuzhilina focuses on statistical methodology for analyzing complex datasets, particularly in health sciences and epidemiology.

Fanny Chevalier
Assistant Professor Chevalier applies her expertise in visualization to enhance the interpretability and usability of complex statistical data.

Gwendolyn Eadie
Assistant Professor Eadie applies statistical methods to astronomical data to answer key questions about the universe, such as the distribution of dark matter.

James Stafford
Professor Stafford's applied research involves spatial data analysis, particularly local smoothing methods applied to environmental and ecological data.

Jessica Gronsbell
Assistant Professor Gronsbell uses statistical models to improve health outcomes by better understanding electronic health records and mobile health data.

Joshua Speagle
Assistant Professor Speagle combines astronomy and statistics to understand galaxy formation and evolution, employing massive datasets from cosmological surveys.

Jun Young Park
Assistant Professor Park applies Bayesian methods to develop robust statistical models for complex data structures, particularly in social sciences.

Lei Sun
Professor Sun's applied statistical research focuses on genetic epidemiology, developing new methodologies to understand the genetic basis of complex diseases.

Lisa Strug
Professor Strug applies novel statistical approaches to genomics and genetics, aiming to uncover the genetic underpinnings of various human diseases.

Meredith Franklin
Associate Professor Franklin specializes in environmental biostatistics, focusing on the health impacts of environmental exposures.

Monica Alexander
Assistant Professor Alexander uses statistical methods to address questions in demographic research, focusing on mortality, health inequalities, and population dynamics.

Pascal Tyrrell
Associate Professor Tyrrell applies statistical models to medical imaging and radiology, improving diagnostic processes and patient outcomes.

Patrick Brown
Associate Professor Brown focuses on statistical methods for environmental and epidemiological data, particularly in the context of spatial and temporal analysis.

Qiang Sun
Associate Professor Sun's work involves developing computational statistical techniques for applications in nonparametric and semiparametric models.

Linbo Wang
Assistant Professor Wang's research applies to environmental and biological data, where he develops statistical methods for complex and structured data.

Radu Craiu
Professor Craiu applies his expertise in Bayesian methods and computational statistics to real-world problems in genetics and finance.

Rohan Alexander
Assistant Professor Alexander applies statistical techniques to historical, political, and social data, providing new insights into governance and policy development.

Sebastian Jaimungal
Professor Jaimungal applies mathematical finance methods to algorithmic trading and risk management, utilizing advanced statistical and machine learning techniques.

Sheldon Lin
Professor Lin's research in actuarial science focuses on loss modelling, insurance risk management, and the financial implications of insurance policies.

Shelley Bull
Professor Bull applies statistical methods to biomedical research, particularly in genetic epidemiology and studying complex traits and diseases.

Silvana Pesenti
Assistant Professor Pesenti applies her risk management and actuarial science expertise to develop robust statistical methods for assessing and managing risks.

Vianey Leos Barajas
Assistant Professor Leos Barajas applies her statistical expertise to ecological and environmental data, focusing on animal movement and spatial statistics.

Xiaofei Shi
Assistant Professor Shi's research in statistical learning is applied to network analysis and bioinformatics, helping to unravel complex biological and social systems.