Mentorship Programs

Our undergraduate mentorship programs are designed to provide first-year (STA 130) students and second-year international students with support in navigating life at the University, building community and friendships and learning how to be successful within the field of statistics, and beyond.

STA130 Mentorship Program

This peer-to-peer mentorship program is part of STA130 (Introduction to Statistical Reasoning and Data Science).  

This program rewards you for getting to know U of T! All students enrolled in the STA 130 course will be placed in a group of approximately ten students with an upper year (third- or fourth-year) mentor. With your peers, you will expand and explore the areas of:

  • social and personal development
  • career options, and
  • personalized support

Full participation will result in 3% of your grade.

You may remember feeling nervous about making new friends, learning where the library is or having questions about which clubs to join or classes to take. If you’d like to help an incoming student navigate the U of T experience, please consider becoming a STA 130 mentor.


You will need to:

  • Apply for a mentor position. There are two terms to apply for (September - December and January - April).
  • Take part in an interview process.
  • If selected: successfully complete mentorship training (4.5 hours).
  • Commit to a total of 20 hours of mentorship (mentorship sessions, activities, meetings and training) per term (September - December or January - April).
  • Create and host social events to encourage community building, adhere to administrative functions such as tracking mentees’ progress, tracking your own time commitment, providing suggestions and feedback, and similar.



    • Up to $500 for the term
    • Co-curricular credit 
    • Valuable leadership experience
    • Knowing you’re making life a little better for other U of T students


    Program Timeline

    February | Applications for mentorship roles beginning in September and continuing for the entire school year (September - April) are due
    March | Mentors will be interviewed and selected
    August - September | Training takes place
    September - December | Meet and work with mentees


    “As a mentor, I learned a lot in this program, and I became friends with my mentees. I wish I had had so much information and help when I was in my first year.” -  Siqi Chen, STA130 mentor 


    Alumni Mentorship Programs 

    To learn more about mentorship and career development opportunities through our alumni network, please visit Connect with Alumni. 


    If you have any questions, please contact our internship & mentorship administrator at See office hours