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By Radu V Craiu, and Grace Yi

Canadian Journal of Statistics | 2023 | 51, 752 — 759.

In May 2022, the Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto, in collaboration with CANSSI and the SSC, organized a one-day conference, “Statistics at Its Best”, in honour of Nancy’s 70th birthday. This conversation took place in Toronto around the time of the event. Its focus is on Nancy’s views on building a career in statistics, and the challenges and opportunities statisticians encounter within the rapidly evolving data science ecosystem.

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By Radu V Craiu, Ruobin Gong, and Xiao-Li Meng

Annual Reviews of Statistics and Its Application | 2023 | 10, 699-725

This article proposes a set of categories, each one representing a particular distillation of important statistical ideas. Each category is labeled a “sense” because we think of these as essential in helping every statistical mind connect in constructive and insightful ways with statistical theory, methodologies, and computation, toward the ultimate goal of building statistical phronesis. The illustration of each sense with statistical principles and methods provides a sensical tour of the conceptual landscape of statistics, as a leading discipline in the data science ecosystem.

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