Transfer Files

You may sometimes need to transfer files from your computer  to our systems, or vice versa.

To transfer files from a Windows or Apple machine you need to download a sftp gui program there are lots of free versions available.

The windows program I use is winscp. There is one for Windows or Apple called filezilla that works well.

We also have a website for transferring files login with your userid and password.

All you user files are located in this user file system is mounted to all the others eg. .

  • Transferring files securely with sftp

Transferring files using sftp

You can transfer files between computers that are connected to the Internet using the sftp program.
See “man ftp” for details. Here’s an example of how you could transfer a file to fisher, from another computer on which you have an account:

utstat> sftp other-computer

Login in by typing user name and password

get file


put file


This obtains file from the other computer, and stores it under the same name on utstat. To got the other direction, use the put command, or issue the ftp command from the other computer and use put.