Sessional Instructional Assistants: Application Information & Job Postings

Sessional instructional assistants are responsible for, but not limited to, the grading of term tests, invigilation of term tests and final exams, grading of homework and/or quizzes, and setting of tutorial quizzes of undergraduate and graduate courses for the fall, winter, and summer sessions.

In order to apply for a sessional instructional assistant position, please complete this application package:

  • Please complete the application form.
  • Please include your curriculum vitae/resume in your application.
Before sending your application, make sure to read the CUPE Continuously Posted Notice - Sessional Lecturers.
Send your completed application package to Katrina Mintis:
Katrina Mintis 
Department of Statistical Sciences

The Academic Handbook for Instructors provides instructors with essential information about rules, regulations and mandatory expectations for undergraduate teaching in the Faculty of Arts & Science (FAS).