President’s Teaching Award

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto Teaching Academy, founded in 2006, consists of members who have received the President’s Teaching Award, the highest honour for teaching at the University of Toronto. While individual members of the Academy serve as teaching ambassadors, the collective advances teaching as a valued pillar at the University of Toronto.

Through their activities, these educators play a prominent role in increasing the profile of the University’s commitment to high-quality learning and teaching. The establishment of the Teaching Academy has created a valuable network of people who provide leadership, advice, and support to division, department, and central initiatives, as well as to University administration. The Teaching Academy also plays an advisory role for the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation. The Teaching Academy is committed to University-wide advocacy for teaching and learning based on their involvement in a range of yearly initiatives. The goal of the Teaching Academy is contribute to the advancement of teaching at the University and reflect the wide range of excellent teaching styles and approaches.