News from CANSSI


Room with people meeting at CANSSI headquarters at SFU

The Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI) Ontario has been launched! The extra-departmental unit CANSSI-Ontario at U of T was approved by the Faculty of Arts & Science Council on April 12. This EDU will also serve as CANSSI’s Regional Centre for Ontario, with a mandate to support data-intensive research, provide opportunities for University of Toronto researchers to expand their research activities, provide opportunities for province-wide collaborations and training programs, and assist in strengthening the network of statistical scientists in Ontario and across Canada.
CANSSI Ontario will be one of a network of regional centres across the country, working closely with CANSSI Headquarters to further the vision and mission of CANSSI.
Nancy Reid completes her term as Scientific Director of CANSSI this spring, and Don Estep, newly appointed to Simon Fraser University, will be the next Scientific Director. Don comes with a wealth of experience in directing interdisciplinary research in the US, and lots of new ideas about taking CANSSI up to its next level of achievement.
CANSSI held a successful five-day workshop on Statistical Inference, Learning and for Data Science in September, with generous support from the Fields Institute, as well as Vector, DCSIL, CPPIB and the Departments of Statistical Sciences and Computer Science. A very successful Industry Day held at the MaRS Discovery District closed the workshop.
CANSSI’s operations are generously supported by the Faculty of Arts & Science and the Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto, with contributions from our 30 institutional members across the country.