Masters of Financial Insurance

The Master of Financial Insurance (MFI) is a professional program designed to prepare students for a career at the intersection of data science, finance and insurance.

The program contains a comprehensive set of offerings, and students gain rigorous training in data science, actuarial science and finance. Graduates from this program will be given the tools and knowledge to succeed in the highly skilled work required of them in the banking, insurance, pension and consulting industries. 

The MFI program is a mathematically sophisticated program, and suitable candidates normally hold a Bachelors or Masters degree in a quantitative field such as: actuarial science, statistics, economics, mathematics or engineering. Students should have training in multivariable calculus, linear algebra, probability, statistics, and computation. Additional training in actuarial science, economics and finance will be an asset. 

The MFI program is a three semester program with the first and second semesters containing course work, including substantial group projects. Courses are taught by University of Toronto faculty members as well as industry professionals to benefit from their real-world insights and know-how. During the third semester, students take on an industrial internship 


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