Toronto Data Workshop

When and Where

Friday, November 29, 2024 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


Claire Le Barbenchon, McKinsey & Company


The Toronto Data Workshop brings together academia and industry to share data science and AI best practice. We are broadly interested, but especially in the code- and data-centric aspects of a project that are often glossed over. We meet weekly for an hour and most talks are recorded.

Please join the event. Everyone is welcome—it is free and you do not need to be affiliated with the university.

About Claire Le Barbenchon

Claire Le Barbenchon is an Associate at McKinsey & Company. She is passionate about turning evidence into impact. As a management consultant with a specialty in quantitative and financial analysis, she has supported large-scale transformations across multiple Fortune 500 companies in the consumer/retail sector. She has also drawn on 8 years of experience in the public, nonprofit and research sectors to support strategy development and the generation of evidence for programming across social sector clients. She holds a PhD in Public Policy and an MS in Statistical Science.

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